Amì Planet company profile

Amì Planet is a 100% Italian company – it is a combination of the well-known Italian creativity and of the world-famous Made in Italy quality.

In 2002 envisioning a 100% plant-based pet food company was groundbreaking.

During that time, the pet food industry needed to be educated about this new concept, and so did the market.

If it’s true that Amì was the first company in the world to meet the ethical needs of vegans and vegetarians who owned pets, then it is also true that the general culture of the pet food market and of all pet owners still needed to grow in terms of awareness and profoundness.

Amì found its first clients, not coincidentally, in markets that were more culturally conscious and more open to the plant-based world such as the German, North American and Asian markets.

More than two decades have passed from Amì’s founding, and finally the global culture and market have evolved and are steering towards sustainability, green initiatives, plant-based and cruelty free products more and more everyday. Amì prides itself in being a pioneer of such concepts.

Despite pertaining to the vegan and vegetarian niche market, Amì’s products are capturing an ever-growing share in the “traditional” pet food market, after numerous scientific studies and twenty years of experience have demonstrated how plant-based nutrition for cats and dogs is valid and healthy, even to those who were the most skeptical.

Today, Amì Planet exists in around 30 countries and markets. Amì’s objectives are growing in traditional pet food markets, expanding in markets it is not currently present in, and continuing its business approach and product ranges that not only represent commercial, ethical and healthy choices
for our pets, but also a lifestyle.

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