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Four pillars of choice by Amì

In order to reach its objectives, and to keep following its ethical and sustainable tradition that has always characterized it, Amì has created 4 pillars that guide product, market and partnership choices: Loving All Animals The reasoning behind choosing to feed cats and dogs an industrial kibble that is a complete pet food, is not

Amì’s mission and philosophy

Amì’s first mission has always been proving that it is possible to create a company, products and well-being by respecting animals, the environment and people. During the company’s establishment this concept sounded “revolutionary” but today, luckily, this is an ever-growing global trend. Just like everything else, Amì has evolved and has reached its twenty year

Amì Planet company profile

Amì Planet is a 100% Italian company – it is a combination of the well-known Italian creativity and of the world-famous Made in Italy quality. In 2002 envisioning a 100% plant-based pet food company was groundbreaking. During that time, the pet food industry needed to be educated about this new concept, and so did the

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