When veganism becomes not only a fashion, but also a way of living in harmony with nature

Have you ever seen how cats like cooked carrots? Or dogs are so happy to gnaw grass, even though they are carnivores by nature. This proves that food in nature must be complete – a series of micronutrients is necessary for the healthy development of every organism. Not only chemical, but also biophysical features of vegetable food for pets determine their need. When the vegan diet is more and more widely used in the human world, our beloved four-legged friends deserve also not to be forgotten.

The Italian producer of vegan food for dogs and cats, Ami, whose products are presented in the new e-store for the Baltic countries petbalt.eu, adheres to the principles of harmonious coexistence in nature. One of the core values ​​proclaims the care of all animals – not a chicken or a cow as food for a dog, but an equal creature of nature. Advocating against the use of meat from farm animals to feed pets.

However, the hunting nature requires not only fur and teeth polishing materials, but meat as well. Therefore, veterinarians recommend balancing the diet of pets by supplementing it with wholesome delicacies of plant origin. Thanks to the Italian traditions of gourmet food, today we can enjoy a diverse range of flavors together and discover new meanings in the harmonious coexistence of ourselves and our pets.

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